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A long time ago - before there was an Internet - before there even was a spanking community, there was CF Publications and its intrepid editor, Steve Richardson. In the mid 1980's Steve founded a small newsletter, The OTK. This little newsletter would eventually go 180 issues - 15 years in all.

For your reading pleasure, these newsletters, in all their charming glory, will be reproduced on this modest site, once a month, well, for fifteen years? It almost numbs the mind. Steve will eliminate material that is obviously outdated and will add new material as time and circumstances permit.


Steve Richardson (CF Publications)
Bethany and Jim (ABCD Webmasters)

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Volume 1 - Posted 5/28/02
Volume 2 - Posted 7/07/02
Volume 3 - Posted 8/31/02
Volume 4 - Posted 12/02/02

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